Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Basketball Technique

One of the greatest aspects of the human endeavour is that one is often able to transfer knowledge from one particular field of expertise to another (isotropy). A long time ago I was an avid though technically lacking basketballer. Recently, I resumed playing and I have to admit that things seem much easier now that I stronger and slightly wiser. A lot of the lessons that I learned while playing golf seem to be transferrable to the game of basketball. For example, maintaining spine angle is critical on static shots while increased use of the lower body, and a longer takeaway is advised on longer shots in order to increase power while maintaining accuracy. Use of the first three digits of the hand (stating from the thumb) also seems to be advised, an in to out motion with regards to your arm, consistent and constant tempo, accelerated motion towards the target, as well as balance towards the core of the body. Apparently, spin rate can also lead to increased the chances of scoring once it hits the rim.

However, unlike golf, basketball is a dynamic sport that isn't always played from a static position. Moreover, you have actual opponents to deal with. However, while the modern, professional game now seems to be fairly free flowing it is also built in a number of fundamental strategies/movements much like Gridiron.

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